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Invitation given for Woodland service

Linda and I would like to offer this invitation to all to attend the laying of remembrance wreaths on the veterans’ graves at noon on Saturday at Woodland Cemetery. Many have helped to make this endeavor of ours successful, and now we would like all to be a part of the actual laying of the wreaths. This is the perfect time to teach, honor and remember all who have given so much for us to enjoy our freedoms. This is also a great time to teach our young people the sacrifice and meaning of freedom.

We would also like to invite all veteran groups in Lawrence County to show their support. This would be the perfect time for each group in Lawrence County to help and support this endeavor. We know they do many things in the year but we could really use their support.

We are not an organized group by any means, but are blessed by many who voluntarily share the work and support. We rely solely on the patriotism and generosity of those in our area to make this a reality.

We were able to purchase 556 wreaths this year and we are appreciative of all who gave of their time and money to help us. The cemetery is beautiful at Christmastime, as it is at Memorial Day. Should you have the time to visit during the holiday season, please do so and enjoy our remembrance of the men and women to whom we owe so much.

We also need to offer a special thank you to The Tribune. They ran our flyer and many donations were received as a result of their help.

It is such a sight to see men and women who have served present their wreath for each branch of service. Many have tears in their eyes as they remember those days. I also think it must make them sad to see a freedom they out their life on the line for being taken for granted by so many. I know it does me.

Again, thank you to all who helped make an endeavor of two women, who were blessed to be a part of this laying of remembrance wreaths in Arlington, to become a reality in Ironton.

Hope to see you at Woodland Cemetery on Saturday. Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes early as we begin exactly at noon.


Juanita Southers