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Coats on trees way to help

On a blustery winter’s day, you might not think much about zipping up your warm jacket and darting out the door to go to work or run errands.

But the fact is, some people, right here in Lawrence County, don’t have the luxury of warm winter apparel. For whatever reason — lack of employment, too many mouths to feed, homelessness or something else — they can’t afford the proper clothing to get them through a southern Ohio winter.

For the people at First Baptist Church of Ironton, it doesn’t matter why someone can’t get a winter coat. They are providing them for any in need, no questions asked.

Like many people across the country, members of the First Baptist congregation have taken to the streets, leaving warm winter coats on light poles and trees for anyone in need to take.

The church members have left coats on the poles at the farmers market and trees down by the riverfront.

It is unfortunate that so many people in our community are in dire need of the basic necessities that we so often take for granted. It truly is a blessing, however, that groups like First Baptist Church are answering the call to provide for those who need help.

During this season of giving, we would encourage those who can to consider donating to clothing closets here in Lawrence County. Enough warm hearts can truly keep our less fortunate citizens warm this winter.