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Flowers stolen from loves one’s grave

I have family buried at Woodland Cemetery in Ironton. Every year my family takes up money, their hard earned money, for a collection to put flowers on their loved and missed family members’ graves.

I take the money and make the arrangements and place them on.

This past Saturday, Dec. 5, I put three saddles on the monuments.

On Dec. 9, my mom drove through the cemetery and one of the arrangements was gone — stolen.

It was wired on and fit tight. I know the wind didn’t blow it off. This is not the first time this has happened.

How could someone disrespect the dead and steal flowers that their loved ones place there?

I know the veterans’ wreaths are being placed this weekend. Will they be safe and not stolen? I certainly hope that they have more respect for the men and women who fought for this country.

The thieves will have to answer for this, either to the authorities or to God.

Karma will come back around to them.


Kim Bustetter

Raceland, Kentucky