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Cheer gym receives first place honors

Second time in two competitions

The ENVY All-Stars youth cheerleading squad, out of the ENVY cheer gym that opened in Ironton earlier this year, claimed its second first place finish in as many competitions on Sunday, Dec. 6, in Cincinnati.

Cheer Max sponsored the competition and the ENVY squad took the top overall prize in the largest division of six squads.

“This was a true test for our girls and our gym,” assistant coach Aimee Kouns said. “Our last win was amazing, but going to a much larger competition and competing in a very large division and still coming in first place has been so reassuring that we are able to do something great. We’re a small gym in a small town making big accomplishments.”

The first competition the cheerleading squad of girls 11 years and younger took place in Hillsboro and only featured four other teams in the division.

Head coach Summer Bush said she is very proud of her squad and all they have accomplished both in cheering and life.

“We don’t just succeed on the competition floor, we are succeeding everyday with these girls,” Bush said. “We see a difference in their confidence, skills and growth every time we practice and compete. At the end of the day, that’s the true reason we do this.”

Bush added that the gym is looking forward to continuing to have a successful season with growth within the gym while continuing to make an impact in youth lives through cheerleading.

The ENVY All-Stars compete next on Saturday, Jan. 16, in Lexington, Kentucky.