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Commission OKs budget for 60 days

Boggs wants data on revenue stream

For the first time in a decade the Lawrence County Commission has approved a temporary budget for 2016. The reason is the commissioners did not get the amount of certifications as early as in the past, according to commission president Les Boggs.

At its last meeting for 2015 the commission OK’d the 60-day budget on Thursday.

“We usually get them in early November,” Boggs said. “That didn’t give us enough time.”

The certifications were sent to the commission office on Dec. 8, according to chief deputy auditor Chris Kline. Total budget certifications are at $17 million. The entire commission met on Thursday to discuss the budget.

One of Boggs’ concerns is with a special IT fund at the auditor’s office that is to have $500,000 in 2016.

“All I want to know is where the revenue was coming from,” he said. “I asked for the revenue stream. One of the most important jobs a commissioner does is this budget. The $500,000 may be going for something. The auditor didn’t return a budget proposal. I am not accusing anyone of anything. I want to know where the revenue stream is coming from.”

That money is earmarked for massive upgrades of the computer and communication systems for officeholders.

“We have been saving for it,” Kline said. “We are not taking money from the certification.”

Right now that fund has $7,000 available and should be built up to half-million dollars in 2016.

In fact, Boggs has asked for information on the revenue for all funds.

“I want to know if any general fund is being taken and put in special funds,” he said. “This is the largest certification given to us since I went on commission.”

Boggs expects a budget to be passed by Jan. 15. The first commission meeting for 2016 will be Monday, Jan. 11, with the regular weekly meeting to follow that day.