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Be cautious with home heating

With winter in it’s second week, it would be safe to say that a majority of the time has felt more like spring than winter.

However, while we enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather through the holidays, the region has been hit with much colder temperatures. And it is important to remember the risks with non-traditional heat sources.

It is only natural to want to keep your house as warm as possible, but ensuring this is done safely should always be at the top of the list.

Various options exist for providing additional heat within a home that range from space heaters to kerosene type heaters, and these can be helpful for those who have limited or no other heating sources. However, these portable options do have their own dangers and should be used with the proper precautions.

It is important to keep these heating sources clear for any potential hazards like piles of clothing or blankets, and should always stay away from other combustible or flammable elements.

Another heat source that has risks is the use of a stove or oven, and other sources of heat should be sought out.

Programs are available to those who are struggling to keep warm through the Lawrence County Community Action Organization’s HEAP, the Home Energy Assistance Program.

Ultimately, no matter the heating source, all smoke detectors in the home should be checked to ensure proper working conditions.

Using caution and taking the necessary steps can make a huge difference throughout the remainder of the winter months.