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More should take advantage of Briggs

For too many decades libraries were viewed as staid institutions where only whispering was allowed. That mindset chased many away who might have benefited from a visit.

However, a few years ago that all changed. Library officials made sure their institutions redefined themselves. They started coming up with programs that would entice those who had previously turned their noses up at spending any time at a place that housed books.

Lawrence County’s Briggs branches have been no exception. There are programs galore for every age, almost every day of the week. There are story times for toddlers, programs for teens, classes where crafts can be learned, exotic food tasted and foreign places explored.

Those at the branches should be commended. It takes a lot of effort to come up with the ideas and do research when needed.

What is unfortunate is that more people in the county don’t take advantage of these programs. That seems especially true for those geared for adults and senior citizens.

A case in point was when a Jackson County farmer known as a modern-day Will Rogers came to the Chesapeake branch to give a humorous lecture geared for seniors.

Even when pre-publicity newspaper coverage was given, there were still only four people there and one of them was the library organizer. The entertainer went ahead with his performance.

How sad where there is so much to learn and so many interesting experiences to be had. And all for free.