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Keith plan on target

Eighteenth century English cleric and theologian John Wesley is credited as saying, “Prayer is where the action is.”

Action is what is needed to keep Ironton moving forward.

Ironton Mayor Katrina Keith recently asked churches in the city to take action by praying for the many needs of the community so God might “perform the same type of miracle in Ironton” as he did in the biblical story of Christ feeding the 5,000.

Those prayer requests were for all elected officials; more economic development so residents can provide for their families; release from addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography and gambling; young people and the issues they face; and restoring honor and respect to the city.

Keith was right on target by asking local churches to join in her mission of moving Ironton forward.

Churches can be seen as the heartbeat of any community, and in Ironton that is no exception. It is no secret that church groups do much to help the needy in Ironton, from food and clothing drives, to ministering to opening their doors for counseling groups.

One mayor can’t change the course of Ironton’s future on her own, but asking for help from the people who have seen it as their mission to improve the community by good works and prayer is a good start.