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Praise for 1st responders

Surely one of the most frightening experiences parents could undergo is receiving a call that their child has been in an accident.

That was the case for about 30 parents on Tuesday when a South Point school bus went off the side of the road and into a ditch. The students were being transported from classes at Collins Career Center back to their home school.

Right now authorities aren’t sure what happened. But fortunately, only nine students and the driver were taken to the hospital with reportedly no significant injuries.

Not wanting to appear like a Pollyanna, but we can see a silver lining in the cloud that was the accident.

That is how Lawrence County first responders did just that — responded in lightning speed to the scene of the accident.

But that shouldn’t be of much of a surprise to many.

In 2012 the county’s EMS was named Paid Agency of the Year. That alone should have made those in charge of the EMS pleased. Add to that how quickly the county EMS was created following the sudden dissolution of the tri-county agency that had served residents for decades.

But the EMS wasn’t the only first responder there on Tuesday.

There were the Fayette and Burlington-Fayette fire departments, the highway patrol, the sheriff and Patriot Ambulance. All working in a coordinated effort to rescue those on the bus.

The county is fortunate to have these dedicated men and women. Thank you for your service.