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Group seeks to take on Lawrence addiction crisis

A new group aims to provide support to friends and family and individuals suffering from addiction in Lawrence County.

The Loved Ones group meets every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at Dawson Bryant High School.

Tomi Blankenship, the group’s facilitator, who serves as a counselor at Collins Career and Technical Center Student Services, said the group started when they became aware of the number of people dealing with the issue who need to realize that there is hope.

“We’re looking at a disease here,” she said. “As support people, we can be helpers.”

She said the aim of the group is not just to meet and talk, but to be more active.

“We want to become community active,” she said. “We need to be doing something about this as citizens.

Blankenship said those who have overcome addiction can serve as role models. She also cited the strides Scioto County has made in fighting the drug problem and hopes it can serve as a model for the region.

She said the group is working to plan many events for the year, and wants to kick things off with a walk in the spring to bring awareness of the organization’s mission.

“We’re looking at spring as being a time of renewal and it’s symbolic of the renewal of spirit for individuals and the city.”