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Obama gun plan too broad

Each time this country is hit with mass shootings, Americans reel from the horror of it. That was certainly true when children at Sandy Hook Elementary were gunned down. Or the 14 killed in San Bernardino, California.

We never become inured to those heinous actions and we certainly shouldn’t. But this country was founded on the spirit of “Can Do.” We want to fix what’s broken and believe we have the ability to do that.

So each time we are hit with these tragedies, we immediately seek to find a way to stop the next one from happening. Republicans and Democrats, however, begin overstating the facts and presenting rhetoric instead of working toward a real set of solutions. One side will tell you these orders will curb many of the issues and violence while the other side says guns will be taken away. In both instances, the chest thumping and political posturing needs to stop because we are not any closer to a solution today than we were yesterday.

That is certainly the inspiration for President Obama’s actions this past week whereby he issued numerous executive orders to promote a safer environment as far as gun control.

His overall goal is to stop violence by keeping guns out of the wrong hands, which is commendable. But what the president has unveiled is more head in the clouds than practical. Additionally, the issue arises whether the use of these executive orders could potentially alter the rights of United States citizens protected under the Constitution. While executive orders are certainly within the powers given to the executive branch of government, these types of orders could ultimately go against the framework that our great nation was founded upon.

Among those directives are to have the FBI start processing background checks 24/7 and “improving notification of local authorities when certain prohibited persons unlawfully attempt to buy a gun.”

To do this means hiring at least 230 more examiners.

But what are they supposed to do? Stalk those who shouldn’t have tried to buy a gun?


Federal prosecutors are asked to focus on “smart and effective enforcement of our gun laws.”

Is there a stupid way to enforce a law? It is either enforced or not.

That means funding for 200 new ATF enforcement agents.

Also the president wants $500 million to “address mental health issues.”

But how?

Such generalities are only costing the taxpayers money without any detailed plan on how this could have prevented Sandy Hook, San Bernardino or stop the next tragedy.

All Obama’s plan is doing is adding more layers of bureaucracy to an already congested government.

The reality exists that there are violent individuals in our society. If those people want a gun, the odds are in their favor they can get it because they will not use traditional or legal methods to obtain a weapon.

Instead, adding more security checks to venues as the country did after Timothy McVeigh’s attack could help, as long they don’t create a police state.

Obama’s heart is in the right place, but until he gets specific, these orders are a waste of money and will likely not be the effective tool the President hopes for in enhancing the safety and security for our country’s citizens.