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Farming career reaps many rewards

Agriculture is Ohio’s largest industry. Educational degrees in agriculture range from agricultural economics, engineering, the culinary and food industry, environmental sciences, animal sciences, agribusiness, sustainable agriculture and more. What’s more exciting is that agricultural careers seem to be a growing trend; good news for Ohio students.

Here is a brief list of colleges from various states to choose from that have one or more degree programs in agriculture including Wilmington College in Wilmington Ohio, Gallia Jackson Vinton Joint Vocational School District, Ohio University Athens, University of Cincinnati Horticulture Science degree, at Morehead State University in Kentucky (68 miles from Lawrence County) three ag degrees are offered, University of Kentucky in Lexington has five degrees including Agricultural Engineering, Carver Career Center in Charleston, West Virginia, and West Virginia University in Morgantown.

For those who would like to get more involved in farming in general there are a number of Ohio organizations that focus on different farming interests….some include the Ohio Nut Growers Association, Ohio Agricultural Council, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, Ohio State Beekeepers Association, Ohio Cattlemans Association, Ohio Fruit Growers Marketing Association, Organic Fruit Growers Association, Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association, and more. West Virginia and Kentucky also offer agricultural based organizations with events and workshops to choose from.

There is much to be gained from involvement in an active farm related organization that is education and research driven with member sharing and apprentice opportunities for young farmers. The websites of these organizations will lead to events, webinars, networking, contacts, meetings, seminars, certifications and other great information.

Every family needs a farmer.


Jo Huff