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Hands-on learning valuable

For many, the best way a person can learn something new is with hands-on experience.

That is the case for some students at the Lawrence County Open Door School who are working on a project, which started in October of last year. This experience will give those students hands on style of learning that they would not have otherwise gained out of a textbook.

Studies have shown that students have better learning, comprehension and retention when active or hands-on styles are used. In some cases, this may be the only way a student might understand a concept. This is exactly what the decision to convert an old shed to a chicken coop does for students, as those participating will learn how to take care of animals while learning certain farming skills.

We applaud the efforts of those who got this project underway that affords these students the skills needed that could be useful in their futures.

The ability to understand, adjust and adapt to the needs of the students is one of the most critical things a teacher does. In some cases, this means that teachers need to go in a variety of directions to meet the needs of all their students.

In the end, preparing these students for the next step as they grow throughout their scholastic time will be better with hands-on learning.