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Burlington project survey gets OK

Cost for the upcoming Phase I Archaeological Identification Survey for the Burlington Courthouse project is expected to cost $3,350.

Signing a proposal to do that environmental study was approved by Lawrence County Commissioners at their Thursday meeting.

The project, spearheaded by Lawrence County Commissioner Bill Pratt, is to recreate a replica of the original courthouse at the first county seat as part of the county’s bicentennial celebration this year.

The study must be done before a Community Development Block Grant of $108,000 can be spent. That will go toward infrastructure at the site including sidewalks and parking lots. The study fee would come out of the block grant or from the 501c3 fund for the project that currently had $16,000 in it.

Members of the Lawrence County Historical Society pledged their support to the upcoming bicentennial that so far only has the courthouse project.

In other action the commission:

• Approved a contract paying the Ironton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization to administer the CDBG program for a fee of $65,000;

• Approved a lease with Ohio AEP for an easement at the vocational school sewer plant;

• Approved hiring Ironton lawyer Craig Allen for services with the IV-D contract when McCown and Fisher are unable to perform services;

• Approved a change order for County Road 31 project to Shelly Company for $10,103.25.