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Five men charged with trespassing

PROCTORVILLE — Five men were arrested in connection with an incident at a Proctorville home on Jan. 10.

Domanick Brandon Bumgardner, 18, of Proctorville; Bradley Alexander Thacker, 20, of Chesapeake; Jeremiah Christian Lucas, 18, of Proctorville; Derek Alexander Schultz, 18, of South Point and Zakariya Samih Jammal, 20, of Proctorville, were charged with trespassing, according to a police report.

According to the report, an officer from the Proctorville Police Department who was on patrol noticed a car that didn’t belong at a residence on North Jones Street at approximately 10:40 a.m.

The officer said he stopped to get the vehicle’s information, when he was approached by Kenneth R. Bumgardner, a relative of Domanick Bumgardner, who informed him that there were people at the home who were not supposed to be there.

The residence belonged to Kenneth Bumgardner’s mother, who is now in a nursing home, according to police chief Bill Murphy.

While sitting there, the officer said he noticed two people running away from the house. The officer notified dispatch and pursued on foot.

Murphy said that all five were in custody soon after, with help from Lawrence County Sheriff’s deputies Todd Easterling and Boyd Blake. According to the police report, Jammal is the only one of the suspects who did not attempt to flee, and all five admitted in interviews to being in the home and eating and sleeping there.

Police said Domanick Bumgardner had entered the home through a dog door and opened the door for the other four men.

According to the report, Kenneth Bumgarder had stated that Domanick Bumgardner had caused trouble at the residence in the past.

All five were arraigned in Lawrence Municipal Court facing misdemeanor charges.