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Auditor fund is raised

Budget line item appropriation approved

At the Lawrence County Commissioners meeting Thursday morning, the commissioners were informed that a line item in the budget needs money appropriated into it.

Lawrence County Auditor Jason Stephens asked the commissioners to appropriate $42,243.57 into Auditor’s Professional Services, as there is still a balance of $108,401 into that fund that has not been appropriated.

Stephens said this additional appropriation will put the Professional Service line item at the same funding level that was spent last year.

All of the commissioners approved the appropriation of the funds.

Lawrence County Recorder Sharon Hager informed the commissioners that this past year, $412,408 was brought in from recording fees, up $36,492 from the year before.

Also approved at commission:

• Directing and permitting Executive Director of Lawrence County EMS Earl Buddy Fry to utilize the 2016 Ford F-150 public safety vehicle for qualified non-personal commuting use in compliance with IRS regulations as listed in IRS Publications 15.

• Approving and commissioning president Les Boggs to sign the Marine Patrol memorandum copy of the insurance policy.

• Receiving and filing the prosecutor opinion regarding concealed weapons and signage prohibiting weapons at Burlington Park.

• Authorizing Lawrence County Pound Keeper Melissa Nicely to sign and certify payroll in the absence of William Click.

• Receiving and filing the deed from ODOT transferring real property to Lawrence County located in Windsor Township for the purpose of a radio communication tower.

• Receiving and filing the correspondence from the county engineer regarding renaming of County Road 41S PFC Ronald Miller and to advertise for public hearing.

• Approving and commissioning President Les Boggs to sign the environmental release of the sidewalk and park improvements for Memorial Hall on Fourth and Railroad Streets from this year’s Formula Allocation grant program.

• Awarding a contract for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), preventive maintenance, repair and emergency services to Perfection Group as recommended by Terry Porter, director.

• Receiving and filing the correspondence from the auditor regarding requested information for the proposed new finance system.

• Approving and signing the Eagle Scout Award for Adam Bryant.