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Career fairs have benefits

During the next couple of weeks, middle school students in Lawrence County will have the opportunity to participate in something extremely beneficial that could impact the rest of their lives.

Kicking off this week, Marathon Petroleum is hosting its career fair at the Catlettsburg refinery, allowing more than 3,000 eighth and ninth graders to see firsthand what job options are available at one of the largest employers in the Tri-State. The career fair started in 2007 and aims to reach the young students before they get bogged down with picking colleges, majors and career goals.

Students, for the most part, travel along the same path during middle and high school. But after graduation, those students will divert in many different directions. Some will chose the university setting, while others may chose a vocational school or even go straight into the workforce.

Career fairs, like the one Marathon hosts, are just one more way for students to figure out which path is best for them. While this is a good business strategy for Marathon, the company should be applauded for opening its doors to the community. Any local businesses that can help students in making smart career choices is a valuable asset to the community.