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IIB deserves support

About six years ago, a small group of Ironton residents looked around their fair city and didn’t find it quite so fair. In fact, they believed it needed a massive scrubbing.

Undaunted, they started searching for solutions.

What they discovered was a national organization called America in Bloom. That organization was started in 2001 and strives to create pleasant environments in downtown cities through the use of flowers and plants.

These Irontonions liked what they saw with America in Bloom and proceeded to start a local chapter, which, naturally, they called Ironton in Bloom.

Since its inception this chapter has been filled with dedicated volunteers, who have not only given the city that much needed scrubbing, but have created oases of beauty throughout downtown.

In fact, their work has been so impressive, it has spread with Ashland and Huntington getting caught up in their own beautification projects.

However, Ironton in Bloom’s work doesn’t come cheap. It can cost up to $40,000 each summer to create these points of beauty. Donations help and sponsorships are used as well.

But a nonprofit must conduct fundraisers and Ironton In Bloom is no different.

Cleverly, they always come up with one that fits into their mission. And this one this spring is no different. On April 16 the organization will take a motor coach down to Cincinnati to see the elaborate Cincinnati Flower Show where guests can get a host of inspiration for their own summer gardens. Then it is off to Jungle Jim’s, a destination grocery store with close of a quarter million international food items.

Not only does this prove to be a fun trip, the money raised will go toward this spring beautification and should be supported. No doubt, a win-win.