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Potential officeholders have varied voting record

As of Thursday only one of the 10 vying for two spots on the Lawrence County Commission has voted.

Former commissioner Doug Malone cast an absentee ballot in the office on Thursday. Malone is one of four on the Democratic ticket seeking the commission seat now held by Bill Pratt.

Over the past 10 years Malone has voted 16 times with nine of those at the polling place.

Democrat DeAnna Holliday has been sent her absentee ballot, but it has not been received by the board of election. Holliday is the only Democrat in the upcoming primary for the seat of Les Boggs. Holliday has voted in 15 elections over the same period — eight in person.

Joining Malone’s record are former Ironton Mayor Rich Blankenship and Les Boggs at 16 times from 2005 to 2015. Boggs, who is trying to retain his seat, voted five times in person with Blankenship who wants to upset Boggs voting 14 times in person.

Along with Holliday, Tim Edwards, a Democrat wanting Pratt’s seat, has voted 15 times over 10 years with 14 in person.

Pratt, Dave Lucas and Jon Ferguson have cast 13 ballots. Lucas vying for Pratt’s seat in the Republican primary has voted all in person; Democrat Ferguson, also wanting Pratt’s post, has voted twice absentee and Pratt once absentee.

Christopher Collins, the other Republican after Boggs’ seat, has voted in eight general elections for the same period with six of those absentees. The smallest voting record is by Jason Tolliver who voted in the primary and general election in 2008 when he ran for the first time for county commission.