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Boggs introduced prescription plan

When you have to pay cash for prescriptions, it can be difficult. Meds are expensive and sometimes tough choices are made between health and paying other bills. Les Boggs introduces a discount prescription plan, which saved Lawrence County residents over $30,000 in costs and averaged over a 25 percent discount. Every little bit helps. Les Boggs deserves our votes.

Bill Click
South Point


Boggs is solid on finances

One of the main jobs of a commissioner is budgeting and finances. When Les Boggs first took office in 2009, the county had a year-end carryover of $150,000. Now the county finished 2015 with a year-end carryover of $2,260,000. What a difference he had made. What more could you ask of a commissioner? Ask for Republican ticket on March 15 and vote for Les Boggs.

Mary Cogan
South Point


Boggs is true leader

I like the leadership abilities of Les Boggs. He is not a “yes man” or “puppet” of any political establishment. He does the right thing for the people no matter what their political affiliation. A true leader listens and then acts on it. He doesn’t say I’ll do it and then forgets. His leadership is the best I’ve seen.

Ron Davis



Boggs is full time commissioner

We pay our county commissioners over $54,000 a year. Les is devoted to being our one and only full-time commissioner. I feel my tax dollars are well spent with Boggs and he is always accessible to talk. He returns calls and takes action to help when possible. Thank you, Les, for always being there.

Sue Triplett
Coal Grove