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Review testing online

From the time a child enters grade school, he or she will face report cards. Those grades are a way for children to learn the extent of their knowledge in all their subjects.

While no one wants to have a bad grade, having those is often a good way to learn where deficiencies are.

Likewise those who do the grading are graded themselves when the Ohio Department of Education issues its state report card.

Most of the grades revolve around the state tests that students in all public schools must take. They measure how many students passed the tests and to the degree they did. The report card also measures the skills in math and reading for students from fourth to eighth grade and the graduation rate of those in high school.

Usually the seven school districts in Lawrence County fare well on the report card. In fact often districts earn a superior rating, the top score.

However this time around there were as many disappointing scores as successful ones. Some of the local superintendents, who use the report card to judge the success of their districts, were concerned that the lower scores came about because the state pushed their taking the test online.

These superintendents cite reports that show there was a discrepancy between online scores and those received when the tests were taken using pencil and paper.

If this is the case, the superintendents should reconsider taking the tests online. Their students deserve it. Their districts deserve it.