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Saluting EDDY Test

By most measures, for school aged children and adults alike, evaluations are based on performance levels. For over a half century, this has been the case for the Ironton Child Welfare Club’s EDDY Test.

Now in its 54th year, the club hosts the testing of sixth grade students in the middle schools at Ironton and St. Lawrence. This has been a great event for the community over the years, and this year is poised to be much of the same.

Next week, 34 students from those two schools will take the test, and this is something that they will be able to remember for the rest of their lives.

The ultimate objective of the test is to long for excellence and work toward an educational goal.

Being able to provide a quality education and prepare our young people for their futures is the purpose of all educators, and the EDDY test is a reflection of the hard work of both the young people and all those who helped along the way.

We applaud the Ironton Child Welfare Club for its commitment to our young people and continuing this worthwhile event throughout the years.

While the EDDY test has been a rich part of our past, we are confident it will be a prosperous aspect of the community’s future.