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Community can help drug problem

It is no secret that Lawrence County and the Tri-State, have a severe drug epidemic. Unfortunately, at least weekly it seems we see or read about a crime or tragedy that is a result of a drug issue.

Law enforcement throughout the region do as much as they can, in many cases with extremely limited resources and staffing, to work toward curbing the huge problem our area has.

However, it is important to remember that a commitment from the community is a vital component to aiding in the process of eradicating the drug issue.

If a citizen has information or suspects actions related to drugs, they can contact the proper authorities at the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office or the Lawrence County Drug and Major Crimes Task Force at 740-532-3525 and 740-534-5830 respectively.

Anyone can call-in to provide tips and information and remain anonymous while providing vital information that can ultimately help alleviate the hold drugs have on our communities in the county and region.

At the same time, residents shouldn’t get disheartened when you see or hear about another drug related problem, but rather be vigilant and encouraged that we are one step closer.

Residents are, in many cases, the eyes and ears that law enforcement rely on and can be the first-step in taking our county back.