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Teens can benefit from programs

If your teenage son or daughter has an interest in law and government, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has a unique opportunity open to those who are motivated.

The AG’s office is now accepting applications for its Teen Ambassador Board. The program is open to high school juniors and seniors from public, private, charter and online schools throughout the state. The application can be found on the attorney general’s website.

Board members serve a one-year term during which they convene twice in Columbus. They work in groups to propose solutions to problems facing Ohioans and meet with the attorney general and other elected officials.

“Participating in the Teen Ambassador Board gives Ohio students an inside look at law and government,” DeWine said. “Participants will work with their peers to propose solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing Ohioans. I encourage interested students to apply.”

The challenges facing Ohio are not just challenges for adults. These issues impact everyone, including teenagers and children. Having the opportunity to weigh in and use critical thinking to offer solutions is a good way for these students to feel a sense of ownership in their home state.

These teens are our future leaders, and any opportunity we can give them to get involved in the community — locally, on the state level or globally — the better off they will be. The better off we all will be.