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Faber reaches out to students

COLUMBUS — Focusing on the county’s high school students at this year’s Legislative Day, Ohio Senate President Keith Faber told them, “it’s about your future.”

Faber was the keynote speaker at the Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Day luncheon on Wednesday.

“We want Ohio to be able to create jobs through the private sector,” he said.

Recently state legislators made a commitment to determine why higher education is so costly.

“We wanted to reduce the cost to get a degree,” Faber said.

They came up with a mandate to reduce costs by 5 percent. However, the universities on their own made a 12 percent reduction.

“That is because we didn’t micromanage each university,” he said.

They also pushed for universities to find alternatives to expensive textbooks like using information from the Internet.

“We all want to make Ohio better,” he said.