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Duck trumps the Donald

Donald Duck is a Disney cartoon character, not to be confused with Donald Trump, who is the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

But both Donald the Duck and Donald the Trump have elements of their personality in common. Both are their own brand, able to sell anything from clothes to bobbleheads with their distinctive persona.

Likewise, both are known for their aggressive temperament. The Duck Donald, often, when challenged, reacts with anger and attacks. The Trump Donald, when challenged, usually responds by insults and attacks. Consider Lyin’ Ted, and Little Mario, ‘low energy’ Bush, or “blood coming out of her wherever” Megyn Kelly. Or Carly Florina, “Look at that face. Would you vote for that face?” There are too many insults for this limited amount of space, but the Donalds react identically when challenged, with anger and attack.

Donald Duck thinks on his feet, lives by his wit, and opens his orange bill when asked anything about any topic. Donald Trump, the same.

Take for example Donald Trump, the businessman, on his thoughts on economics for America. Recently Trump suggested that America might just “make a deal” on its debt and pay its creditors some lesser portion of what is owed on our debt. If that seems a position less than thoughtful, it is.

The dollar is the world’s foremost and stable currency because it has never defaulted on a penny of debt. Should that change, world markets would be disrupted, the dollar would be de-valued instantly and incredible inflation would become the norm for America.

Then Donald the Trump, challenged on his argument to destroy the dollar, argued that making a deal on the debt is irrelevant after all, because we can just print more money, thereby always avoiding default.

For Trump, if you don’t like one idea he will just toss it aside and say something else. Media interviewers shake their heads in dismay because interviewing Donald is like nailing Jell-O to a wall. You cannot pin Trump to any position because he has no positons, he has sound bites and thoughts in motion.

Consider Trump’s well known position on refusing to allow Muslims into the country, a position he has repeated and asserted on the primary campaign trail for months. This week, when a Muslim, Sadiq Kahn, was elected mayor of London, Donald the Trump, said he, not the Duck, would make an exception and allow the mayor of London to come to the U.S. Kahn responded by noting Donald was “ignorant about Islam.” Kahn intends to visit the US. this fall, long before he might need the permission of the Duck. No, the Trump, not the Duck.

Now the Trump campaign is openly suggesting to the press that there may be some room to move away from the anti-Muslim policy that has been red meat to the Trump xenophobic audiences. Jell-O to the wall.

Donald Duck was married more than once. Donald Trump has been married more than once. Donald Duck is the older of the two, at 80. Donald Trump is soon to be 70. Donald Duck has a best friend, Mickey Mouse. Donald Trump knows many people, but lacks a true sidekick.

Donald Duck and Donald Trump are too very different figures in American life. One is a comic figure famous for his narcissistic and volatile temperament, and the other is a duck in a sailor suit.

But both Donalds hold in common a volatile temperament, a “live by your wits” philosophy” that words matter very little, and an orange face. Neither seems well suited for the American presidency.

The Duck is considerably more popular.


Jim Crawford is a retired educator and political enthusiast living here in the Tri-State.