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Readers welcome to send info

If you ask a journalist why he or she chose that career, most would likely tell you they wanted to be a voice for the people. They wanted to tell stories that mattered, shed a light on dark places and just make a difference.

Ask any seasoned journalist if he or she thinks they have accomplished any of those goals and you may get mixed reviews. That’s because, not every story is going to be hard-hitting. Not every story is going to uncover a great social injustice.

That’s especially the case at community newspapers, like The Tribune. We spend a lot of time out in the community and gathering information, which we then put out to the public in the most complete way possible.

Sometimes, it can feel a little discouraging to think your work doesn’t have an impact on the community.

But, in the past few years, I have adopted a philosophy that I think helps encourage myself to keep going: Not all stories will impact everyone; but every story will impact someone.

And that’s reason enough to keep doing what we do. Whether it is a brief announcement about a food drive that someone in need takes notice of, or an in-depth story about county finances, news stories still make a difference.

Lawrence County is a large area to cover and there are many, many stories worthy of coverage. With a small staff, it can be difficult at times to get to everything.

But, as always, we gladly accept press releases for upcoming events and photo submissions. For those who have never submitted news material to us, I thought it would be worth noting our guidelines and policies.

Ironton Publications Inc. will consider all material submitted for publication, but reserves the right to:

• Edit submissions for spelling, grammar, composition and AP style;

• Use material submitted as background for news stories;

• Paraphrase content to reduce redundancy;

• Shorten submissions due to space limitations;

• Expound upon press releases to add clarification and/or context;

• Eliminate opinion-based comments or editorializing;

• Illustrate press releases with any stock art, photos or logos deemed necessary by the editor;

• Reject any submitted content we feel doesn’t meet our standards or benefit our readers.

As well as news information, The Tribune encourages readers to express their opinions on key local issues in the form of letters to the editor. We also have a policy in place for those submissions, which we have recently revamped. These will take effect immediately.

In order to ensure fairness and accuracy in all material published in our newspapers, Ironton Publications Inc. has set the following guidelines for letters or opinion submissions:

• Letters must be 350 words or fewer.

• Letters may only have one author.

• Letters may not be submitted on someone else’s behalf.

• Letter writers must submit their name, address and phone number for confirmation. Only the city of residence and name will be published.

• Letters not submitted electronically must be hand-signed. Emailed letters must come from the email address of the writer.

• Letters may endorse a candidate, issue or person, but letter writers may not make personal attacks on other people, businesses, etc.

• Letters from supporters or endorsing a candidate must be received at least four weeks prior to an election and we will cease publishing them at least two weeks prior.

• All assertions made in letters built on opinions and any factual statements must be easily verifiable.

• All letters are subject to editing for length, clarity, spelling, grammar and AP style.

• Form letters will not be published.

• No more than two submissions by one author will be published each month.

Anyone wishing to submit news material or letters to the editor can email them to me at michelle.goodman@irontontribune.com, or drop them off at our office, located at 2903 S. Fifth St., Ironton, OH 45638. For snail mail, use P.O. Box 647.



Michelle Goodman is the managing editor at The Tribune. To reach her, call 740-532-1441 ext. 12 or by email at michelle.goodman@irontontribune.com.