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Police, AFSCME contracts proposed

Wage increases part of negotiations

Proposed contracts giving Ironton’s union and police employees wage increases would cost the city more than $44,000 more a year.

The ordinances regarding the police and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 771 collective bargaining agreements were given first readings this past Thursday during the Ironton City Council meeting.

Fifteen police employees are affected by the police agreement, which would give them a 2 percent wage increase, totaling an additional $14,712.50 for the city. However, the new contract also cuts out the physical fitness incentive worth $2,000, cutting the city’s cost to an additional $12,712.50 in salaries and payroll tax contributions.

Regarding health premiums, no changes were proposed. Police employees pay 10 percent of the single/family premium with the city paying 90 percent.

The AFSCME contract would give 37 employees a $0.30 wage increase, totaling an additional $32,000 in payroll for the city.

Employees who are paid from the general fund would increase that fund’s expenditures by $2,500, raising the total payroll for the general fund employees from $38,000, according the city budget passed at the March 24 council meeting, to $40,500.

An additional $1,000 would be distributed to employees under the flood fund with the increase, bringing the total flood fund payroll to $62,000.

For sanitation employees, an additional $6,500 would be distributed, bringing the total sanitation payroll to $315,000; an additional $10,000 would be distributed to water employees, bringing the water payroll to $78,000; an additional $8,000 would be distributed to wastewater employees, bringing the wastewater payroll to $246,000; and an additional $4,000 would be distributed to street employees, bringing the total payroll to $193,900.

The clothing allowance for municipal employees remains the same with $500 given to outside workers and $250 for clerical workers.

Only the first readings have been given. Council will meet again at 6 p.m. on May 26.