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Get more info before making change

Even the Donald Trumps in this world want to save money. Not a bad thing. Certainly the rest of us want or, better, need to save as much as we can as the cost of living gets higher and higher.

Now look at a county government that has limited opportunity to increase its revenue significantly yet faces the same cost constraints as the average individual.

That’s why on the surface it looks like a gift when a consulting company comes in and says it can save the county big bucks. That is what happened recently when a Cincinnati-based business proposed converting all county cars so they can run on propane as well as gasoline. The idea is giving the county the best of both worlds.

Great idea to explore and that is what commissioner Bill Pratt asked the company to do — come up with an analysis of what it would be to convert EMS and sheriff’s cruisers in this fashion.

However, a reality check is needed before the county makes any commitment.

In this high-tech age a car’s engine isn’t just pistons and crankshafts. It is a massive computer inside the frame of a car. Converting it to propane is a delicate operation that some reports say can cost upward to $10,000. If a car were a family vehicle that was expected to have a life span of a significant number of years, the savings might outweigh the cost. But especially with first responder vehicles that are driven hard, the county should think twice before adopting this idea.

That’s why it would be wise for the commissioners to turn this proposal over to an impartial third party who could give accurate information on what the real advantages to conversion could be.