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Taking top honors

Four Rock Hill Middle School students earn perfect scores on state math test

Four Rock Hill Middle School students received perfect scores on their state AIR math tests last year.

Current eighth graders Camryn Miller and Kaylee Nicely, who scored perfect on the seventh grade test, received 806/806, freshman Casey McCormick, who scored perfect on the eighth grade test received 776/776 and sixth grader Samuel Simpson, who scored perfect on the fifth grade test received an 803/803.

“They’re great students,” seventh grade math teacher Chelsey Butterbaugh said. “They always participate in class, they’re always prepared and they ask questions.”

Butterbaugh, who’s in her third year teaching at the school, said Miller and Nicely were her first students to receive perfect scores on a state math test.

“I was really excited, I almost had a heart attack,” Nicely said. “I didn’t expect to get a perfect score at all.”

Miller said she was very happy as well.

“It just made me feel special,” she said. “Math is my favorite subject.”

McCormick said getting his perfect score last year was surprising.

“Math is my favorite subject because a lot of times it challenges me. I don’t like stuff to be easy,” he said. “I didn’t think I’d get a perfect score, so I was really shocked to see that.”

Kaylyn Taylor, McCormick’s eighth grade math teacher, said she knew he would succeed with the test.

“He was an excellent student and always did well on tests and quizzes,” she said. “I knew he would do well on the test and I was excited to see how well.”

Simpson said he was very happy when he received his score and thanked his math teachers Candy Smith and Darrell McFann for teaching him.

“I’m hoping for another perfect score this year,” Simpson said.