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Getting creative

Chesapeake High trees show possibilities of art

CHESAPEAKE — For the sixth year in a row, students at Chesapeake High School were treated to a display of unconventional Christmas decorations.

Several trees, from art teacher Robin Kimball’s class, trimmed with unusual items, greeted students and visitors in the hall by the school’s entrance.

“Every year, I ask students to think of unconventional items to start saving at home,” Kimball said. “To save things you might throw away, so that you don’t have to spend money.”

The trees were adorned with things such as candy, cereal, pasta and Q-tips. Another was built entirely from zip ties.

One, by Courtney DeBoard, was covered in wolf fur.

She said her family runs a one-acre wolf sanctuary locally.

“This is their winter fur after they‘ve shed,” she said.

For the shape of the tree, she built a form from poster board, then added the fur, which she said she had plenty of.

“This is my favorite assignment I’ve done in your class,” Deboard told Kimball.

Kinley Curry’s tree was composed of phone charger cords.

“I had a drawer full of them,” she said. “And people gave me some.”

For the tree, she layered the cords, with their distinctive patterns and colors circling around its form. The star on top was made from chargers and adapters.

Kimball said the goal of the yearly assignment is to get students to think outside of the box.

“I want them to know you make art with anything,” she said of the themes and patterns created. “Anything that repeats in art can make it interesting.”