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Convention and Visitors Bureau gets new sign

Electronic billboard will promote local festivals, events

A new Convention and Visitor’s Bureau billboard is going up at the entrance to The Point industrial park in South Point. The new 15×25 foot electronic sign, first mentioned last month by LEDC executive director, Dr. Bill Dingus during the annual LEDC Board Meeting, will display rotating data about events and festivals taking place in the area.

“It was the board and Dr. Dingus’ intent that we could help focus the whole community together if they knew they could market our community events at one location,” explained associate executive director Jeremy Clay.

Clay said that the old billboard has come down and the new billboard is being erected on top of the existing support structures. It could be turned on as soon as Friday. But it may take a little longer to get the messaging all ready.

“There will be some time period where even though the sign will be lit and will focus through probably five slides.” clay said. “We’ll still be working on the sign. Fine tuning the software and everything else.”

Clay said they aren’t asking folks to call the Chamber of Commerce to get their event content added right away though.

“We still have several weeks of planning, and to get the computer system up and running,” Clay said. “But we’re hopeful it’s going to be beneficial for the community and the state, where we can help market (events). We’ve got 34,000 plus people everyday driving in front of our building.”

This includes both locals, and folks passing through, who might be looking for something to do with their families, Clay continued.

“You know, me, my wife, our kids, we’re always looking for something to get into in our community on the weekends. If there is a family-friendly event, we look to go to it.

The folks who come to our communities from outside for these events and attractions don’t just spend on them, but on other local businesses as well, Clay explained. For instance, if someone comes down to take advantage of the ATV trails in the Wayne National Forest, he said, they are also going to rent hotel rooms, eat at restaurants, and maybe shop at other local businesses.

The sign can’t be used to advertise those local businesses though.

“We’re on a scenic byway,” Clay said. “So it can only market Chamber (of Commerce) and LEDC… community projects. So it won’t ever sell advertising. It will be used for the betterment of our agencies’ goals.”

“We’re excited,” he continued. “We think it’s a good idea and vision (from) Dr. Dingus and our board.”