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Jump Rope For Heart takes place at Burlington Elementary

BURLINGTON — For more than 25 years, Burlington Elementary School has been raising money for the American Heart Association at an annual event.
This year was no different, as Jump Rope for Heart took place on Friday.
“It’s a tradition here at Burlington,” principal Sarah Nuckols said. “We’ve been doing it for years.”
Envelopes are sent home with the students prior to the event, to allow them to collect funds, physical education teacher Jim Robinson said.
“They can ask their parents, family, friends and neighbors to donate,” he said. “All of the money goes to the American Heart Association.”
The event culminates in an all-day jump rope session, held in the school’s gymnasium, where banners from the past years’ events, dating back as far as 1993, decorated the walls.
“This gives them a chance to showcase their jump rope skills,” Robinson said.
Beginning with the school’s fifth graders and working down to the kindergarten students, classes were brought in for sessions, where students took part in single jumping, Double Dutch and relay races.
Parent and community volunteers were on hand to assist Robinson in coordinating the event and to turn ropes for the activities.
Robinson said, in addition to the jump rope marathon, the students learn about healthy living throughout the week.
“We tell them about things, like exercising 60 minutes a day and to drink water instead of sugary drinks,” he said.