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Land Transfers-04/07/17

• Chad Trador and Sarah Trador to Mark Summers and Leah Copley, Proctorville, $136,000.

• Billy Joe Lemley to Tracy Bunch and Chad Rule, Proctorville, $18,000.

• Dreama J. Harvey to Donna J. May, Proctorville, $132,000.
Scott A. Holston to William J. and Amanda G. Wheeler, Pedro, $95,000.

• John T. Corder, executor of estate of Melvin Jacob Corder, to Robert S. and Rebekah Corder, Proctorville, $129,689.15.

• Sherri D. Lewis to Park Avenue Development LLC, Ironton, $28,500.

• Alyssa R. Harbolt and Matthew D. Harbolt to Anthony T. Clay, Ironton, $41,200.

• TNT Communications LLC to Paul C. and Bethany N. Copley, South Point, $102,000.

• Betty McNeely to Floyd C. McCann, Ironton, $35,000.

• Dennis and Charlotte Miller to Robert D. Burnap, Willow Wood, $120,000.

• Jerry and Susan Skeens to Eric and Jessica Durst, Proctorville, $195,000.

• Richard Blake Price to Susan E. Price, Ironton, $50,000.

• Alberta Wagner to James and Joan Mullins, Ironton, $22,000.

• Kristopher M. Dixon and Gina M. Dixon to Leslie Edens, Proctorville, $260,000.

• Paul David Miller to Brittany R. and Robert E. Napier, South Point, $70,000.

• Leslie Gail Edens to Anthony W. Stepp, Chesapeake, $128,000.

• Karen L. Stanley to Gregory Kepner, Rome Township, $8,000.

• Clifton Lovejoy to James A. Ward III, South Point, $71,000.
Park Avenue Development LLC to Sean William Walker, Ironton, $76,700.

• Gary W. Spitler and  Carolyn Leatta to Adam S. and Michelle Nichols, Kitts Hill, $130,000.

• Andrew Cocklin to Samuel S. Laber, Ironton, $55,000.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Odell Roy LLC, Chesapeake, $8,000.

• Phyllis Hurley to Trifera LLC, South Point, $32,000.

• David Fugett to Sharon Baptist Church, Ironton, $27,000.

• Deutsche Bank Trust Company America to John Greene, Ironton, $13,000.

• Sammy Dean Whitley to Jordyn Robinson, Union Township, $1,500.

• Oscar Spratley to Tarrell L. Worley and Andrea D. Beach, Fayette Township, $14,000.