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Walking a mile in His shoes

Sharon Baptist Church has Good Friday tradition of more than 25 years

Parishioners of Sharon Baptist Church in Ironton participated in the church’s annual Good Friday Cross Walk, when a cross is carried from the church on South Fifth Street to the Woodland Cemetery, just over a mile away.

“We’ve been doing this about 25 or 26 years. It’s commemorative of what Christ did for us on the first Good Friday,” pastor Steve Harvey said. “It’s not to bring glory to anyone except the Lord.”

Harvey, who has been pastor of the church for 28 years, said he remembers the pastor of Sharon Baptist Church in the early 1970s, who carried a cross on Good Friday, and wanted to carry on the tradition himself.

Around 100 people took part in the walk this year, which ended at the cemetery with the cross being placed in the ground with a cloth draped over it and a few scriptures read by Harvey.