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Cardinal Wishes Antiques opening on Saturday

Sometimes wishes do come true, if you work hard enough.

That’s the case for Patricia Coleman, who is opening Cardinal Wishes Antiques and is having a grand opening Saturday.

“I’ve always dealt with antiques, all my life, with my parents,” Coleman said. “It was always a dream or wish for me to open my own store.”

The name comes from a saying of her grandmother.

“She said whenever you see a red cardinal, you were suppose to ‘blow it a kiss and make a wish,” Coleman said. “So this is my wish.”

The store features antiques, some are consignment and some are Coleman’s upcycled pieces.

“I re-do furniture, painting it and putting murals on it,” she said. One of her more popular pieces is the Marilyn Monroe dresser, which is an antique dresser repainted and a picture of Monroe decoupaged on it.

“I’ve sold a whole bunch of those before I even got opened. Actually, I have three of those I need to do,” she said.

Coleman’s store specializes in furniture and “but we have a wide variety, we have a little bit of everything. A lot of it is repurposed furniture, I love doing that.”

Coleman said she is excited to be opening her store, even if it has been tiring setting up the place at 311 Vernon Street and getting ready for the opening on Saturday.

“I had a truck load come in yesterday, had one come in today,” she said. “We have a lot of consigners and a lot of stuff and I’m tired but it is very exciting.”

She will also have painting classes.

She said she has strong support already on Facebook and other social media.

“And I’m very grateful for that,” she said.

Coleman said she chose a downtown store because she is from Ironton and sees the downtown building up.

“It seems like there is starting to be more business going on with all the little stores opening up. So I chose that because it seems like it would be good for this area,” she said. “And you do have Debbie Downers who say ‘Why are you doing it here?’ Well, you see downtown businesses taking off in other places, why not here? We should all support our area rather than griping that there is nothing to do when there are plenty of opportunities.”