Land bank announces demolitions

Published 12:01 pm Monday, July 31, 2017

Total of 35 properties will be razed across county

The Lawrence County Land Reutilization Corporation held a special meeting on Thursday, July 20, to award bids on 35 demolition jobs around the county.

Ironton and Chesapeake top the list, with 11 demolitions each. Coal Grove is next with five, followed by four in the area around South Point, three in Proctorville, and one in Hanging Rock.

Bids were split into five packets, which were won by three contractors.

Packet #1, with five properties in Chesapeake and one in Proctorville, was awarded to Danny Sullivan Excavating out of Coal Grove. Danny Sullivan was also awarded Packet #3, for all five Coal Grove properties and two properties in the South Point area.

Solid Rock Construction, out of Portsmouth, was awarded Packet #2 and Packet #4. Packet #2 includes eight Ironton properties and the Hanging Rock property, while Packet #4 includes the other three Ironton properties and two properties with South Point addresses.

Custom Industries, headquartered out of Huntington, was awarded Packet #5, for the remaining six Chesapeake properties and two properties in Proctorville.

The land bank has stated in the past that they try to use contractors in Lawrence County whenever possible, but by law they do have to accept all valid bids. However, even when a contractor isn’t based out of Lawrence County, they noted, they often hire local people to work.

Marie McKenzie, deputy treasurer, explained that while Custom Industries is headquartered in Huntington, for example, owner Mike McCallister lives in Lawrence County.

McKenzie also emphasized a point that she and fiscal officer Patricia Fields raised at the Coal Grove village council meeting this week, and that was getting certain structures in high traffic areas razed before school starts.

“I asked the Village of Coal Grove, during the council meeting, if they could assist contractors with police coverage,” McKenzie said. “Chief Eric Spurlock immediately said his officers would be happy to assist.”

She said the structures they want to focus on there before school starts are at 715 Marion Pike, and 0 Marion Pike, the “red building directly to the left of 715.”

She said that she has also spoken to Ironton police chief Pam Wagner about police presence for expedited demolitions there and has a promise of support during periods of high traffic volume.

“She said she would have one of her officers periodically stop by the locations in the morning and late afternoon,” McKenzie said.

Those targeted locations in Ironton are at 1006 South Ninth St., 329 Spruce St., and 2007 South Third St.

The land bank is still waiting to hear back from Mayor Tommy Templeton in Chesapeake on police support, McKenzie said, but they are still targeting properties at 118 Third Ave., 18 Twp. Rd. 1043, 494 Rockwood Ave., and 0 St. Rt. 7 for demolition before school begins.

She also emphasized that although there are properties with South Point addresses, there are no properties slated for demolition in the Village of South Point itself during this round of demolitions.