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Learning about energy

Children take part in COSI activities at Ironton Library

COSI was set up at the Ironton Library Monday afternoon, teaching children about energy through its “Gadgets” outreach program.

“We talk about different types of energy, potential and kinetic, and types of tools that engineers might use called gadgets,” Katie Nowack, COSI outreach educator, said. “One of the great things about COSI is that it gives children a hands-on experience where they get to actually try things themselves instead of just seeing it or talking about it.”

Some of the activities the children took part in were using what COSI calls a “Bee Bot,” which is a robot that can be programmed to move in certain directions on a board.

“The Bee Bot gives children an introduction to robotics,” Nowack said. “It’s easy for children to understand and be able to do themselves.” Other activities included constructing the largest structure that is able to withstand wind and other elements out of straws, experimenting with snap-circuit circuit boards and constructing a container out of materials able to float in a wind tube.

“Kids really learn a lot at a young age,” Nowack said. “So we try to facilitate that for them.”

The COSI Museum and Research Center is located in downtown Columbus, but COSI on Wheels travels to schools and other venues and COSI Outreach travels to smaller venues, such as the library’s activity.