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Reds unveil new GABP field tarp

By Rob Butcher
Cincinnati Reds’ Publicity

CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati Reds rolled out a new official baseball field tarp on Friday, July 21, at Great American Ball Park, in partnership with Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper.
The tarp will help the Reds quickly tackle their biggest spills of the season – rain showers – and is a glowing testament to P&G’s longstanding, successful partnership with the team.
“We’re thrilled with the new infield rain tarp and its unique nod to Bounty’s strength and absorbency as the Quicker Picker Upper” said Jacques Hagopian, Bounty Brand Director, Procter & Gamble.
“Our partnerships with the Reds and others within our Cincinnati hometown unite us all as a community, and we’re proud to support one another.”
The old Reds tarp will be donated to Cincinnati’s Western Hills High School, alma mater of Reds’ Hall of Famer Pete Rose.
“Bounty is the first to sponsor a new tarp for the Reds,” said Bill Reinberger, Reds Vice President of Corporate Partnerships.
“We applaud their creativity with the new tarp and are grateful for allowing us to donate our old tarp to Western Hills High School.”