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Master gardening classes available in Huntington

HUNTINGTON — Become a Master Gardener through classes offered by the Cabell County Master Gardener Association beginning on Tuesday.

Master Gardeners are volunteers trained by agents of the West Virginia University Cooperative Extensive Service and local experts to provide practical home and garden education. Some of the things they do include answering questions at the WSAZ Home and Garden Show, volunteering at horticultural events and helping manage school and community gardens. The course is not just limited to Cabell County residents, and all interested people are encouraged to join.

The Master Gardener classes begin Tuesday at Enslow Park Presbyterian Church, located at 1338 Enslow Blvd. in Hutnington. Classes are 6:30-9:30 p.m. each Tuesday through May 15, and class size is limited.

The 16-week course consists of both classroom work and hands-on activities. Instructors provide an overview of major horticultural topics, environmentally sound gardening practices, food safety and other issues affecting Tri-State residents and homeowners. Topics covered in classes include insect management, container gardening, soils and fertilizers, composting, organic gardening and more.

Upon completion of classroom work, graduates volunteer 40 hours of designated projects to complete the requirements for earning the Master Gardener title.

A fee of $110 must be paid at the start of the course, which covers the comprehensive West Virginia Master Gardener Handbook, handouts, name badge and other supplies.

For more information or to register for the course, call Pauline Tiller at the Cabell County WVU Extension Service at 304-526-8458, or connect to the Cabell County Master Gardener Association webpage at www.cabellcountymastergardeners.com.