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Kroger donates to CMO

Part of grocery’s Zero Hunger/Zero Waste program to help area needy families

CHESAPEAKE — Kroger announced a donation to the Chesapeake Community Mission Outreach this week, as part of its Zero Hunger/Zero Waste effort.

The Proctorville store is making the donation to the CMO, which works to provide food to area needy families.“The Proctorville Kroger has a special relationship with the Community Mission Outreach food pantry. Dannie Newman and other volunteers come into the store and make their rounds, greeting associates like old friends,” store manager Steve Gandee said.

“The atmosphere ‘is friends helping friends in the neighborhood.’ The Community Mission Outreach is a wonderful organization that helps make a difference in the lives of thousands of people in our home towns”

Gandee said the store is working with the CMO to help feed the hungry.

“We provide perishable items, including meat, bread, produce, and sweets to the food pantry six days a week,” he said.