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County science fair winners announced

The Lawrence County Science fair took place Feb. 1.

More than 120 projects were entered into last week’s fair.

Best Overall

A first through third place large trophy was awarded to the three top projects receiving the highest scores, overall categories combined, in the fifth through eighth grades.

Zoey Schmidt, a sixth grader at Chesapeake Middle School, won best overall project, with a perfect score, for her project, “Bath Bombs: Fizz or Flop.”

In second place was Dawson Forbush a seventh grader at Chesapeake, for his project, “Voltaic Variable.”

In third place was Allison Plantz, a Chesapeake seventh grader, for her project, “I See, You See.”

Fifth/sixth grade

Schmidt again won first place, while second was a tie between Meredith Riley, a South Point sixth grader, for “All About Bees,” and Carter Collins, a Chesapeake sixth grader, for “Can Water Multiply Force.”

Third place was also a tie, between Ava Weber, a St. Lawrence sixth grader with “Soda Explosion” AND Connor McDaniel, an Ironton sixth grader with “Rust Happens,” winning.

Fourth place went to a team project, Ashton Smith and Brian Wheeler, Dawson-Bryant sixth graders, with “Which Drink Stains Teeth the Most?”

Fifth place was another tie, between Chesapeake sixth grader Hunter Hocevar with “Don’t Lose Your Marbles:  The Science Behind Fun,” AND Phoenix Payne, and Ironton sixth grader with “The Power of Sour.”

Seventh/eighth grade

Forbush took first place, while second went to Plantz.

Third went to Leah Shileds, a Chesapeake seventh grader, for  “What’s Your IQ?,” while fourth was a team project by

Elijah Dillon and John Turner, seventh graders at Dawson-Bryant, with “Football Science.”

Coming in fifth was Chesapeake seventh grader Andrew Davis, with “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Batteries.”