A shining example for all

Published 8:58 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018

While the United States is the wealthiest nation on earth and its citizens enjoy a standard of living higher than those in many parts of the world, it is a sad fact that there many struggling here.

Poverty remains in many parts of the nation, especially that of Appalachia. The region has long lagged behind the rest of the country economically; from the days that Robert F. Kennedy conducted a “poverty tour” of the region in the 1960s to highlight the living conditions here, to the present.

While many in the area enjoy comfort, the lesser amount of opportunities in the area creates conditions where it should come as no surprise that there are many still struggling for survival and lacking the basic necessity of a home.

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The Lawrence County Community Action Organization has been tackling the problem in the region for some time, helping those who have fallen into homelessness to find housing.

In addition, the organization has helped to provide supplies to these people, focusing on personal hygiene and basic care items, which they distribute to people staying in shelters and to those who have just been placed into a home.

Recently, the group informed the public that they were in need of resources and supplies to carry out this mission.

Fortunately, as is often the case in our community, someone stepped up to fill the need and pull people together to work toward a good cause.

Attending the CAO meeting were assistant superintendents T.J Howard, of South Point, and Eric Floyd, of Rock Hill.

The two left the meeting and began thinking of ways to get their schools involved with the issue. Shortly after, both middle schools were collecting supplies for the CAO’s effort.

On Thursday, the first results became evident when South Point provided the CAO with enough supplies to fill a pick-up truck. Rock Hill’s donation is to come, when their drive wraps up.

It is a blessing to our region that groups like the CAO exist, to care for those less fortunate, and the work of the school districts is great example of our region’s community spirit and compassion.