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Investing for the long term

Recently, Ironton’s police department got a much-needed upgrade to their vehicle fleet.

Five new vehicles were purchased for the department, which included an SUV for the K-9 unit, three Ford Taurus Interceptors and an unmarked vehicle for the detective unit.

Police Chief Pam Wagner said the purchase was overdue, as some of the department’s vehicles were more than 15 years old.

With funds tight in many cities and municipalities, residents can sometimes be hesitant to support a new purchase.

However, Wagner said the purchase came at no cost to taxpayers and, rather than being funded through tax or fee increases, were bought through a state program with funds from forfeitures and impounds.

She also predicted the savings on fuel and maintenance from having newer vehicles will offset the costs of the purchase over time.

The purchase was made possible thanks to a city council measure, which allowed the department to get the vehicles.

Officers put their lives on the line serving the community and it is important that they be properly equipped.

Having reliable vehicles helps to ensure a timely response from law renforcement, which can mean the difference between life and death in a harrowing case.

We applaud city officials for making a wise investment for Ironton’s future.