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Uecker pays visit to, tours CCTC

Senator shown new adult education building

GETAWAY — Collins Career Technical Center welcomed state Sen. Joe Uecker on Friday.

The senator toured the new adult education building. In this new building CCTC has a computer lab setup where they perform entrance testing for various businesses and industries. There are also labs where they provide students classroom and clinical skills and an exercise room for our staff at Collins so they can stay healthy.

Uecker also visited the Forensics Science Lab where he viewed a presentation of an upcoming Problem Based Learning Project.

Charlie and Joanna Hammonds, instructors at CCTC, presented the highlights of the No Hazards Here project that is expected to launch on March 5. The project is a collaboration of many programs and academics that are offered by the high school. Programs involved are Forensic Science, LPN, STNA, Health Science, Veterinarian Technician, and Mass Media, as well as math, science, and English. This project has been a year in the making and is geared to teach students how to manage disasters, hazardous materials incidents, and prepare for emergency patient care.

Students will earn industry credentials in Incident Command System 100, National Incident Management System 700, and HAZWOPER awareness, operations and technician certifications.

CCTC will be working with several partners throughout this project to help make it a success. These partners include Lawrence County Emergency Services, Chesapeake Volunteer Fire Department, Hamilton Township Volunteer Fire Department,  the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department and the list is growing. CCTC is also collaborating with Ohio University on different projects to extend student learning.

CCTC staff say Uecker has been a great advocate for career technology, is interested in new approaches to secondary and post-secondary education and they look forward to continuing the relationship.