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Building body and mind

Khounlavong-Vallance now Tribune columnist

Vivian Khounlavong-Vallance says the best part of her job is getting a chance to directly help people.

“At a deep level, one on one —Not just physically, but mentally as well,” she said.

Khounlavong-Vallance has worked for the past six years as a personal trainer and movement specialist at Tri-State Rehab, located at 711 S. 3rd St. in Ironton.

“I like to instill confidence and motivate people,” she said. “My motto is ‘Change starts in the mind, and the body will follow.”

Khounlavong-Vallance has been an Ironton resident for 11 years and previous worked in economic development and at Ohio University Southern and has been a volunteer in the community.

In addition to her work at Tri-State rehab, she also teaches Yoga at Eternal Yoga in Ashland and serves as a group fitness and kickboxing instructor and nutrition specialist.

She has also taught yoga to children in the area, as part of a four-week guest session at Ironton Elementary School last fall as part of their physical education program.

She says she lives by three words — Strengthen, empower and motivate.

“A strong person is condiment and ready to take on the world,” she said. “Strength training builds your mind and muscles.”

On empowerment, she says, “Believe in yourself.”

“You may go in thinking, ‘I can’t do it,’ but you will leave my training session knowing you can do it,” she said. “Training hard will help you find faith in yourself.”

On motivation, she said “Only you have the power to change your lifestyle.”

“Hold yourself accountable,” she said. “Get up and get going! Keeping a consistent training schedule will keep you on top.”

In addition to her current work, Khounlavong-Vallance will also be writing about fitness issues for The Tribune, beginning with a column in today’s paper.

“My goal is to get people confident and motivated,” she said. “Some regimes are not for everyone, but I want to encourage them to get out there, try something new and find what’s good for them.”

Khounlavong-Vallance’s column will  be published in the Weekend Edition of The Tribune.

The first installment can be found on page 4A.