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Legend of bigfoot topic of event

Group featured on Destination America

For those interested in the legend of Bigfoot and the quest to find it, an event by the Ohio Night Stalkers, a group from the region dedicated to the topic, is set for Saturday, April 28 at the Ironton branch of the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library.

“There are seven people in the group, Mike Miller, one of the co-founders of the group, said. “We’ll all take turns talking about how we got in the field and discuss reports that we’ve found from the region and around Ohio.”

He said that the group has recorded audio from Adams County which features the sound of a possible Bigfoot, which got them featured on Destination America’s “Terror in the Woods” program.

“It was listened to and examined by David Hellis, a professional audio analyst,” Miller said. “He found that the sound was from no known animal in the United States, which is very exciting for us.”

Miller said that the group formed in 2013, and what got his interest in the topic of Bigfoot was a news report years ago.

“It definitely piqued my curiosity,” he said “I thought Bigfoot would be in the Pacific Northwest, not Ohio.”

Along with Miller, co-founder Mike Feltner, his son Jordan Feltner, Jeff Byers, Bev and Bill McCoy, and Cody Pauley make up the Ohio Night Stalkers group, which is based near Batavia, east of Cincinnati.

“We try to go out to search as much as we can,” Miller said. “We do quite a few events at libraries, and because of the TV show, we’ve been asked to speak at Bigfoot conferences in Virginia at the end of June and in Washington State on Labor Day weekend.”

He also added that the group spoke at the Mothman Festival a few years ago.

The event will begin at 2:30 p.m. at the Ironton branch of the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library, located at 321 S. Fourth St.