Being open helps

Published 8:39 am Friday, April 13, 2018

Kudos to Viviane Vallance.

Being open and honest about struggling with mental health issues is hard. It takes courage to be frank about depression and anxiety. Being silent has never been the answer, but so many people have been? Why?

The silence is due to the long-standing stigmas related to, and around mental illness. We need to break down these stigmas.

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We have to dispel the myth that mental illness is some kind of personal failing. People who deal with mental illness are not weak or have some sort of character flaw. In fact, one-in-four people in the world will be affected by a mental illness.

Viviane took a brave step in starting a dialogue about this illness.

Viviane wrote about being human. She shared her story in hopes that others will find strength and hope in the steps she took.

Depression and anxiety are both very real. Viviane let us all know that we are never alone in the battle. She stated it best.

Be open.

Be helpful to one another.

Share your stories with each other.

She thanked everyone for allowing her to tell her story. We all need to thank her.

Her fight is one that many people have been battling in the dark. She shined some much needed light on the subject.

Viviane understood that the greatest weapon in the battle against stigma is knowledge.

Talk, read, listen, help.

Thank you, Viviane.