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Praise for our heroes

On Thursday, the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Adams, Lawrence and Scioto counties had a First Responders Appreciation Day for all those who are on the front lines, dealing with this area’s drug epidemic.

It was a simple affair with proclamations from Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine thanking them for their service to communities ravaged by the effects of drug abuse. Then, first responders got to sit down to a lunch at the Ironton Farmers Market, which turned out to be the first nice day of spring for the first time in a long while.

People expect first responders to help when called and they do. And what they see on a daily basis is troubling and takes a toll of them. When an EMT gets a call about a person in distress, far too often now it is someone who is overdosing. The Ironton Police and Fire departments now carry nasal doses of narcan, to counteract the effects of a narcotics overdose. Sometimes, they save the person. Too often, they do not.

“They do so much to help all the people that have issues in the opioid epidemic. They are front line, they see it every day,” Susan Shultz, the executive director of the Adams, Lawrence and Scioto ADAMHS board said. “We just wanted to thank them. It’s just a nod of appreciation. I don’t think they get that enough.”

We commend all our first responders for all they do for the community, day after day, in their tireless efforts.

And we thank them for being there in our time of need.