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Violence is not the answer

Across the nation on Friday, some students left their classrooms as a protest against gun violence.

Locally, students from South Point schools announced plans to join in the National School Walkout, which was planned to mark the 19th anniversary of the April 20, 1999 Columbine High School shooting in Colorado.

South Point schools decided to cancel classes because parents were rightly worried after rumors of threats circulated, along with the possibility of counter protests being organized and creating a volatile situation.

Some 60 students and others gathered at the park in South Point to voice their concerns about being shot in school and called for an end to gun violence.

It is sad and pathetic if anyone would threaten violence while students were protesting violence.

If you don’t agree with someone, that is fine. If you want to protest the protesters, that is fine.

Protest is a constitutional right. Threatening people, for whatever reason, is a criminal act.